Putting our heads together

Our mission begins with your brief; we put our heads together in a brain storm session to come up with a layout that shall define the concept of an advertising design to meet your objectives with a combination of clear thinking and a creative layout.

We create advertising concepts that embody an idea that makes it real, we design campaigns that have the power to inform, educate, persuade and ultimately sell.


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A promotion to last

MAVAJ SUN CO has a wide variety of promotion and gift items that delivers your correct branding message and introduces your event effectively.

Promotion items can be a double bladed tool. Sending out promotional items to an exhibition or an events or seminar could sometimes be a waste of money other being a useless effort.

We can custom make and print on any shape or design to any gift item no matter the size is and the material it is make of .
Our prices are comprehensive and our guarantee and service are reliable.


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Never limit your brand

We're a fresh innovative Branding company with fresh ideas that is truly able to define and drive your company's image and brand as well in establishing long term relationships with our clients.

MAVAJ SUN CO is here to equip you with services that shall help you build your brand and market your business on and off the internet.
We are an agency that really cares about the quality of service. We gave our customers the edge and this will show in your dealings with us.


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Media results beyond the norm

MAVAJ SUN Co can help you reach with your media campaign any niche of audience through our experience in media planning with initial strategy and concepts to full implementation with continuous monitoring of results.

Every project we take on shall be planned carefully, and distributed to the different mediums according to your marketing and media plan. We work close to you and choose the right solutions to showcase your brand or product.


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Exposure through innovation

MAVAJ SUN CO is a marketing expert that knows how to dig deeper and work smarter to secure your marketing plan and deliver results, by taking a neutral and holistic approach.

We gave clients an outside view of their current market status and help shape its future goals.
We do this through extensive market study and assessment to come out with a suitable marketing plan attached with an effective media plan.
We make sure that you spend your budget at the right time and in the right place.


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A date to remember

We make thing happen for your event. Starting from event set up to PR. To exhibition stands and give away items.

We drive your event into success and insure that your company's image is consistent across all means of communication.
MAVAJ SUN CO can and shall deliver any event or exhibition management from A-Z.


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Phishing with the web

Expert promotions media is here to equip and deliver designs of successful website to you , with our great service and support that shall help build your website and brand name and business product on the internet .

We really care about the innovation, quality and services that we provide to our customers and this will show in your dealings with us.