Web Design

Our websites are designed with your business and your target market in mind. Our professional and talented team of graphic artists and designers are highly trained and experienced in web design.

The design of your website is one of the most integral components of your web success. In most cases you have 10 seconds to impress site visitors with your design and professionalism, after which they will decide to read further through your site or simply leave.You will find an instant impact and a positive impression should be synonymous with your web site design.

At MAVAJ SUN CO, prior to starting your design we conduct an analysis of your target market and can provide advice on a design most likely to appeal to your customers. With a MAVAJ SUN CO designed web site we provide you with the highest possible chance of having your site visitors convert from casual visitors to customers. For a free report on creation of a new web site design or for a revamp of your existing design contact us today!

With the explosion of the internet, the world has come much closer. Communication is no longer a matter of long hours and innumerable days, but a matter of a microsecond. Businesses have already started taking advantage of this incredible medium of communication and there is no reason why you should lag behind. With a well-equipped website, your business can climb new heights within a short span of time. And that well-equipped website can only be created by a well-established website design company.

In service since 2001, MAVAJ SUN CO has over time established itself as one of the most revolutionary website designer company. Our main motto is to help you reach out to your target audience worldwide through a well crafted website. A website is the face of your business and as professional website designers, we understand the need to create an attractive and innovative one. We involve you in our journey so that your specific business requirements and goals can meticulously be implemented in the website. Our skilled and experienced web designers make use of all the latest technologies to create a website that will stand out amidst the competitive crowd.

We have been privileged enough to have designed over 2,000 websites so far for myriads of organizations:

Website for Business to Business Companies

In order to create a truly effective and convincing B2B websites, the help of a professional website designer becomes a must. With our years of experience in this arena, we know exactly what is required to create a successful B2B website.

Website for Medical and Health services

There is no dearth of medical and health services around, but what makes yours one of a kind? Read on to know how MAVAJ SUN CO will put across your special features and facilities in a website that will itself speak volumes about your service.

Website for Real Estate

For all real estate consumers, an optimized real estate website is the key to convert visitors into real estate leads. Know how we help develop a real estate website that not only has a professional design and layout but various other useful features.

Website for Auto Rental and Dealers

Shorten the distance between you and your customers through a website that extensively details your auto rental facilities. Click on to know more about how we design a website to cater to your needs.

Website for Religious and Non-Profit Organizations

Bring people closer to your religious and non-profit organizations via a well-developed website that can effectively communicate their goals and objectives. Learn how we endeavor to make your services effectively reach out to your people.

Website for E-Commerce and Business to Consumer Companies

To sell your products online without any obstacles, an easy to navigate website should be created. Click here to know how we use sophisticated website development tools to create a functional website that is user friendly.


Website for Beauty Services

A beautiful and colorful website about your beauty services is sure to help you create an edge in your business. Click here to learn how MAVAJ SUN CO’s team of web design experts creates a resourceful website to help you come out with flying colors in your business ventures.

Website for Law Firms and other Professional Companies

Whether you are in an accounting business or legal sector, carve out a niche for yourself in your professional field through an impressive website. Read on to know how MAVAJ SUN CO tailors a website to help you make an identity in this competitive industry.

Website for Schools and Universities

Different educational organizations have different courses and facilities to offer. To help people stay in touch with your educational organization and be aware of the various happenings in the campus, an interactive website is needed. Read on to know how MAVAJ SUN CO helps to create one.

Website for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts have no better way to communicate their rates and room availabilities than through a seamless website that is up-to-the-minute. Read on to know how we create a website that can take visitors to their required hotels literally.